Our client
CIB keeps making progresses in the international market and always stays at the forefront in terms of products and services innovation. We have experienced underwriters, independent business management system and bank account. We are aiming to provide flexible but prudent underwriting and claims management services to our partners.
We are focusing on the direct clients and local insurance companies as well, providing risk management, underwriting and claims management services via direct insurance or reinsurance.

Our product
We have 4 binders with capacities from reputable partners
Terrorism coverage for the following industries:
   1.Large wholesale or retail industry;
   2. Hotels, shopping malls, office buildings;
   3. Steel, cement, paper, medicine or food manufactories;
   4. Transportations;
   5. Constructions projects
Personal Accident for:
   1. Group Personal Accident;
   2. Firefighters;
   3. Sportsmen;
   4. Entertainment stars;
   5. Personal Accident for elders
Cyber Risk for:
   1. Professional institutions such as law firms, accounting firms;
   2. Manufactories;
   3. Healthcare;
   4. Financial institutions;
   5. Retail / Hotel;
   6. High-tech such as chips and new energy vehicles;
   7. Entertainment / Media;
   8. Transportations;
   9. Infrastructures, public facilities
Liability Insurance for:
   1. Traditional industries such as manufactories, hotels and entertainments etc.;
   2. Film industry;
   3. Nursing Facilities

Our Strength
1. Professional Underwriting Team
Taking risks via CIB COVERHOLDER, insurance companies can fully utilize our underwriters’ expertise, conduct a much more accurate pricing, and provide more flexible solutions to various demands. For some particular lines, our underwriters are more familiar with the local insurance market and competition.

2. Long Term Stable Operation
There is a long term based appraisal clause in the binding agreement, which encourages COVERHOLDER’s stable operation and reasonable underwriting profits for long term while underwriters providing flexible but accurate quotation to the market.

3. Developing More Binding Authorities
We have been developing underwriting authorities to cover more lines since we established in 2017, following the 1st underwriting authority for Terrorism, we are now granted 3 more authorities for Personal Accident, Cyber Risks and Liabilities respectively. Based on a fundamental win-win philosophy we are expecting to explore more opportunities with our partners, especially for lines that require expertise and innovations.

4. Maturing Operation
As the 1st COVERHOLDER we well understand the nature of COVERHOLDER businesses, with the support from IT system tailor-made for COVERHOLDER businesses, we can better manage the COVERHOLDER portfolio, provide comprehensive services to our clients from insurance proposal, underwriting, policy issuance and claims management.

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