Direct Insurance Business

CIB provides a full range of professional insurance brokerage services for enterprises, projects, groups, platforms and other types of insureds in all walks of life. Our services include but are not limited to selection of insurance type, customization of insurance plan, design of insurance clause, insurance inquiry and arrangement, policy management and maintenance, risk management consulting, claim assistance and negotiation, etc


CIB embarks on its development of business from reinsurance and has deeply rooted in this sector for 20 years. It is one of the few domestic insurance brokers who is able to provide one-stop solution for ‘treaty & facultative’+ ‘inward(outward)business’ in comprehensive and multidimensional way. With central team headquartered in Beijing, CIB has also set up two reinsurance hubs in Shanghai and Shenzhen for service of regional clients.

International Business

International business is a unique and important segment of CIB. Over the past few years, the International Department has built up a global insurance network and accumulated rich domestic and overseas (re)insurance resources and project experience, focusing on providing one-stop professional risk management services for Chinese clients going abroad, as well as introducing high-quality large-scale commercial risks and business models into the domestic market. The core team of the International Department is set up in Beijing, with specialized service teams in Shanghai and Shenzhen.

Belt and Road

Since its inception, CIB has focused on the development of international business and the construction of overseas networks, so as to comply with policy development, and have been deeply engaged in this field for several years and accumulated rich experience when the country called for vigorous development of the "Belt and Road" business. Global partners cover more than 160 countries and regions. Each regional partner is not unique, and can cover sanctioned countries such as Afghanistan, Cuba, Iran, etc.

Belt and Road

Our client We serve 98 central state-owned enterprises and companies whose business involves overseas market. Up to now, we have provided overseas insurance service for central state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises including CSCEC, Power China, SINOMA, CRCC, CMC, f

Internet Insurance

CIB understands the far-reaching impact of technological development on the insurance industry,and we are committed to providing risk solutions for segmented industries and platforms by internet insurance and digital solutions. In order to enable corporate customers and their employees to enjoy the professional insurance and related services conveniently and quickly,we provide standardized insurance plan,comprehensive insurance liability, comprehensive service composition,diversified internet cooperation models.We look forward to working with you in the following segments:

Extended Warranty Business

CIB WARRANTY SERVICES LTD. (CWS) was established in 2014 and is a subsidiary of CONTINENTAL INSURANCE BROKERS LIMITED (CIB). CWS specializes in Third-Party Administration (TPA) services for automobile quality warranties and extended warranty operations. With a registered capital of 20 million RMB, CWS provides TPA services, including vehicle quality warranty claims, extended warranty product customization, claims support, data analysis to reinsurance companies, insurance companies, manufacturers and importers.

Extended Warranty Business

Our customers Including but not limited to: Allianz Reinsurance, Chinese Insurance Company, Pacific Insurance, China Life Wealth, China Land Insurance, Sunshine Insurance, Xin'an Insurance and other domestic professional reinsurance companies and insurance companies


CIB established its first Binding Authority in January 2017 and now we have 4 binders for different lines. With the support from relevant partners and our prudent operations during past years our COVERHOLDER portfolio is well known in the China market


CIB adheres to an international development path and always leads the market in product and service innovation. Our authorized underwriting business department has experienced underwriters with professional backgrounds, independent business systems, and bank accounts, committed to providing flexible and pragmatic underwriting and claims services to our partners.

Hong Kong Business

Supported by our headquarters and overseas operations, Continental Hong Kong provides full range of reinsurance services to various insurance companies. At the same time, as a member of the Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association, Continental Hong Kong has been rooted in Hong Kong for more than 5 years and we are committed to serving Chinese enterprises in Hong Kong and Macao by providing a full range of risk management and insurance brokerage services. Services are including strategic planning consulting services, insurance planning execution, cross-border risk management, professional liability insurance, employee’s compensation insurance, property insurance, engineering insurance, liability insurance, marine insurance, employee benefits and group insurance and other protection plan quotations as well as global policy arrangements.

Continental Hong Kong

Supported by our headquarters and overseas operations, Continental Hong Kong provides full range of reinsurance services to various insurance companies. At the same time, as a member of the Hong Kong Chinese Enterprises Association