Marine & Specialty

Our Client

Our main service target is domestic property insurance companies in China.We handle hundreds of business transactions annually and are committed to providing customers with comprehensive and multiple insurance services in the field of marine and specialty. We strive to provide customers with more comprehensive risk protection at the most reasonable cost.


Our Product

Our services including Marine and Specialty, the main details as follows:


Cargo Insurance

• Bulk Cargo
• Project Cargo(including Delay in Start Up DSU)
• Crude Oil, Mineral Oil, and Petrochemical Products
• Heavy Lift Cargo
• Vehicle
• Agricultural Products (including Raw Sugar)
• Live Livestock and Bloodstock
• Satellite transport
• Stock Throughput (STP)


Hull and Related Products Insurance

• Hull & Machinery and War Risk Insurance
• Increased Value
• Loss of Hire
• Towing and Voyage Insurance
• Yacht Insurance
• Kidnap & Ransom Insurance
• Builder Risk Insurance
• Mortgagee’s Interest Insurance(MII)
• Container Insurance
• Sub-sea Equipment Insurance

Marine Liability

• Protection & Indemnity / Defense Insurance
• Oil Pollution Liability Insurance
• Charterer’s Liability Insurance
• Repairer’s Liability Insurance
• Terminal Operator’s Liability Insurance
• Logistic/Carrier Liability Insurance
• Freight Forwarder's Liability Insurance
• Maritime Security Liability Insurance
• Ship Brokers Professional Indemnity  Insurance


Fine Art

• Exhibition/Transit Risk
• Museum  Collection
• Auction House Comprehensive Insurance
• Storage Risk
• Jewellery and Specie


Upstream Energy

• Offshore Platforms Physical Damage Insurance
• Cost of well Control/Operator’s Extra Expense Insurance
• General Third Party Liability Insurance
• Drilling Tools/Downhole Tools Risk Insurance
• Offshore Platform/Drilling Platform/Pipeline Laying Engineering Risk Insurance

Aviation and Aerospace

• Aircraft Hull Insurance
• Deductible Insurance
• War Risk
• Aviation Product Liability Insurance
• Aviation Repairers Liability Insurance
• Airport Liability Insurance
• Loss of Pilot License Insurance
• Satellite Launch and in Orbit Insurance



Our Strength

Professional team: Continental Insurance Brokers Ltd.(CIB) Marine and Specialty Team is a professional and cohesive team with professional backgrounds in insurance, actuarial, maritime law and other related fields. The service is meticulous, efficient and with a strong sense of responsibility, committed to providing customers with comprehensive insurance plans and risk protection.

Rich project experience: All team members have years of insurance industry experience and are skilled in handling various types of projects related to marine specialty fields, with rich market experience.

High quality service: Focusing on providing customers with competitive business solutions, providing relevant solutions for special or even rare risks, providing a series of service contents such as insurance design, insurance arrangement, consulting services, claim assistance, etc., to maximize customer satisfaction.

PowerfulInsurance Network: Maintain close cooperative relationships with reinsurance markets in different regions of the world, providing customers with long-term and reliable underwriting capacity support.

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