Belt and Road

Our client

We serve 98 central state-owned enterprises and companies whose business involves overseas market. Up to now, we have provided overseas insurance service for central state-owned enterprises, state-owned enterprises and private enterprises including CSCEC, Power China, SINOMA, CRCC, CMC, for projects in Africa, Latin America, Southeast Asia, the Middle East and other places. We aim to reduce costs and increase efficiency for our clients, and help them achieve  sustainable growth in Belt and Road projects.


Our Product

We furnish a broad range of risk management service and comprehensive consulting service in relation to local legislation, taxation and mandatory insurance policy, etc., to assist our clients in the construction and operation of overseas project. We deliver all types of insurance service covering risk involved in construction period: Construction All Risk with Third-Party Liability, Single Project Professional Indemnity, Accidental Death and Disability insurance, Inherent Defects Insurance, Terrorism, Credit Insurance, Marine Cargo; and for risk in operational period: Property All Risk, Commercial General Liability, Machinery Breakdown, Business Interruption, Employer Liability, Cargo insurance and other types of insurance.


Our Strength

CIB has focus on the development of international business and global network since its establishment. Riding the trend of national development initiative, we have been deeply involved in the field of “Belt and Road” for several years and accumulated rich experience. CIB has formed variety of partnership in more than 160 countries and regions, which grant us the ability to cover sanctioned countries such as Afghanistan, Cuba, and Iran.

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