Our Client

Our client base primarily encompasses insurance companies (including their insurance and reinsurance divisions) and enterprises engaged in crops, livestock, aquaculture and seedling.

Our Product
(1)Weather index insurance product design and reinsurance arrangements.
(2)Feature index insurance design (e.g., sugar content index, price index, etc.)
(3)Livestock products design and reinsurance arrangements for breeding sheep and breeding cattle.
(4)Aquaculture insurance product design and reinsurance arrangements.
(5)Traditional agricultural insurance scheme calculation, vulnerability estimation model and reinsurance arrangements.
(6)Reinsurance arrangements for farmers' house insurance.

Our Strength
(1)Agricultural index insurance designed through models fully considers local microclimate issues in the region, solves the extreme value problem in agricultural insurance schemes, and balances the interests of all parties involved, such as insurance companies, local agricultural committees and farmers.
(2)Through model design, through weather index data, design aquaculture insurance schemes and other feature index insurance schemes that are in line with actual conditions, solve the difficulty of insurance companies underwriting.
(3)Design and arrange reinsurance schemes while the insurance-product design.
(4)Develop tailored insurance solutions for the sheep and cattle breeding industry that align with the unique requirements of breeding enterprises, adjust the insurance coverage for breeding livestock based on the operational conditions of these businesses, facilitate the swift expansion of China's agri-tech sector, and enhance the reinsurance underwriting capacity for insurance companies.
(5)Utilize machine learning algorithms to deliver regional risk management assessments and early warnings before natural disasters occur for insurance companies, particularly emphasizing branch offices.
(6)For the insurance claims department of insurance companies, use the Internet of Things to provide solutions for disaster prevention and mitigation for breeding industries.

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